Journal Production System

The Journal Production System (JPS) is a customizable workflow engine, which can be molded by an eJournalPress Project Manager to fit your publication's production tracking needs. The system includes customizable workflow steps, roles, notifications and vendor imports and exports. These features allow each organization to monitor production turn times and efficiency. Data can flow seamlessly from an EJPress peer review site, but XML imports from other peer review systems are also accommodated.


Our JPS implementation project plans include steps to identify workflow procedures, vendors, exports, and roles. Implementation project plans also provide steps for testing configurations and training production staff. If an organization requires additional enhancements, eJournalPress can provide custom coding at our standard development rate.


24 hours of consulting time are included in the setup fee for the JPS, with 8 hours each loosely allocated for training and configuration. The 8 hours of training are generally handled over the course of several weeks while journal staff has access to the pre-live site for testing and approval. Training is handled via Web conference and telephone.

Telephone and Email Support:

eJournalPress is proud to provide individualized, one-on-one support service for publication staff via phone or email.