EJPress is an innovative online manuscript submission and peer review system that helps journals and organizations streamline their editorial process. EJPress includes a suite of reports, configurable roles, workflows, and letters as well as online collection, storage and tracking of customized disclosure and copyright forms.

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Journal Production System

The Journal Production System (JPS) provides publications and organizations with a customizable production tracking workflow engine supporting both article and issue based publication models. The system can be tailored to each publication's roles, vendors, and email templates, and supports both journal centric and organization centric displays.

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Billing Payment System

Our Billing Payment System (BPS) may be tightly integrated with JPS or used as a standalone system. BPS offers a full billing workflow engine facilitating the process from when fees are calculated, discounts are applied, invoices are created, and/or payments are made. The system can be fully automated to make the process of creating invoices and collecting payment as seamless as possible.

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